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Here is the cake I made for my husband’s birthday. The cake plate was a wedding gift. It wasn’t on our gift registry and at first I thought, when will I ever use this? But I love it, it’s so pretty. And it really elevates the cake beyond the ordinary, don’t you think?
My husband’s birthday was on Thursday, but the cake was baked on Tuesday because I had a hair appointment on Wednesday and planned to cook a big dinner of chicken and dumplings on his actual birthday, which I knew was going to be quite an undertaking. (see previous post). So between faculty meetings, hair appointment, school technology training, cooking and baking, I had to leave my classroom at three o’clock on the dot all week. Not easy for a teacher who is usually at school until AT LEAST 3:30 doing paperwork, grading papers or getting lessons ready for the next day. But I’m so glad I proved to myself that I can take the time to prepare such deliciousness for my husband and myself. Of course, it requires a lot of PLANNING – I literally had to write down on my calendar when I was going the grocery store and which day I was going to bake. And on said baking day, I slid a Stouffers family size lasagna in the oven and said “honey, we’re having frozen lasagna for dinner because I’m baking you a birthday cake tonight and I can’t handle baking and actual cooking on the same night.”

The chocolate cake and chocolate sour cream frosting are from the classic Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (you know with the red and white checked cover). I love that cookbook because my mom has one too and it reminds me of being little and looking through all the pictures of all the beautiful food.
Mom always said “if you can read, you can cook,” which is probably why she didn’t really train me in any actual cooking SKILLS. But hey, I guess she was right. And, like anything else, if you want to get better at something, you have to actually just…do it. And leave work early if you can.