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I always have some trouble figuring out what to give up for Lent. Give up wine and beer TOTALLY for forty days? Come on. Or junk food or television? REALLY?? So, in addition to trying to DO more during Lent, this year I’m going to just try to be more mindful about denying myself. Not having a snack just to snack. Not having seconds. Not drinking wine during the week, maybe. But we do have a day trip to New Orleans planned next week and we will be going to Upperline for dinner and I WILL be having wine that night.

I do love wine. Visiting the Montecalvi winery and tasting the chianti with the winemaker was another of my wonderful Italian experiences in Tuscany.

So, as if you need another reason to plan a trip to Italy, here is a video clip shared by Rebecca from Tuscan Wine Tours. It features the delightful Jaqueline Bolli, owner and operator, and her too-cute dog whose name I can’t remember. Rebecca Wine: Favorite Wineries: Montecalvi in Greve in Chianti.

We had the opportunity on our all-girl Tuscany Trip in 2013 to taste several of Jaqui’s chiantis as we sat around her outdoor table overlooking the vineyards. (also had a fantastic Italian cooking lesson at our villa which you can read about here:COOKING LESSONS IN TUSCANY “Cucina Giuseppina” | alittleway.)

I bought a bottle of the 2010 Montecalvi Chianti Classico which did survive in my suitcase on the trip home. It cost about 15 euro: a very light, earthy wine, smooth but very “undemanding” as Jaqui called it.

The wine is long gone, I shared it at dinner with my parents soon after I came home. I’m not much into saving wine, mainly because most wine, in fact, does NOT age well. ( a fact explained very well here by Bottlenecker Wine: Eternal In Our Minds, Not On Our Shelves | Bottlenecker.)

So on this first day of Lent, I’m not sure when my next glass of wine will be, and I know I’ll probably never taste Montecalvi Chianti Classico again. But I will always have Montecalvi.

The road to Jacqui's home and winery

The road to Jacqui’s home and winery

Overlooking the chianti vineyards with Tuscany in my glass.

Overlooking the chianti vineyards with Tuscany in my glass.